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This is a little bit about what we do here at Maxifoods!

The Mexican Food

It is said that you haven’t really visited Mexico until you’ve tried at least one of the delicious dishes and foods that have made Mexican gastronomy famous worldwide.

Mexican cuisine is appreciated for the way many of its dishes - the majority of which usually start with a base of corn, beans, spices, chilli peppers, tomatoes, onion and garlic – still preserve their pre-hispanic origins and are truly unique.

Proudly, Mexican cuisine was in 2010 listed by UNESCO for its Cultural Intangible Heritage, gaining Mexico recognition for its traditional dishes , ingredients and cooking practices.

Maxi Foods was created with the commitment to bring those unique foods and flavors to all communities in Canada.

Why Choose Maxi Foods

We are committed to offer quality and fresh authentic Mexican Food. Our food is prepared in professional commercial kitchens, fully certified by AHS (Alberta Health Services) , which ensure a clean and safe environment to guarantee the quality of our products and the health of our customers.

In addition, we do not add any conservative or preservative to our foods. Maxi Foods believes in producing food using the most simple and natural products available.

Enjoy our products

Maxi Foods products can be used for any occasion.

You will enjoy the taste and flavour.

We are happy to let you know that we will be participating at the Airdrie's Farmers Market for the whole 2017 season.

Our Delicious Products

Organic Corn Chips

Our Organic Corn Chips products are All Natural, No Preservatives and/or conservatives added, No Trans Fats. You will be amaze by its flavor and texture. Try our chips with any of our Salsas and Dips, you will be amaze with the flavor and texture.

Organic Corn Tortillas

Maxi Foods tortillas are an excellent choice for your tacos and other Mexican dishes, thanks to the way they are produced and the packaing method, fresshes and quality are maintain. In addition all Corn tortillas products are All Natural, No Preservatives and/or conservatives added, No Trans Fats. Vacuum packed in food grade bags to preserve quality and freshness.

Creams and Salsas

Our delicious Creams and Salsas are great for any occasion. Combine it with your favorite Maxi Food Chips , or added to your favortie food, such as pizza, hamburgers, tacos, beefs and chicken dishes etc,.


Wouldn't it be great to get to know me!

I am a chemical engineer from Mexico. I moved to Canada 14 years ago, looking for a suitable quality of life and more valuable opportunities. I am a person who enjoys pursuing challenges and overcoming the most difficult of obstacles. I believe if you do not challenge yourself, it will be hard for you to grow and improve as a person. I have a strong passion for cooking healthy cuisine as well as a Mexican one, which I want to bring to the market and share my culture.

I love to spend time with my family, practice sports and of course cook for them.

As an entrepreneur, I have a dream to build something for myself, and to do so requires building a successful business. I have decided to dedicate myself to sharing my Mexican roots through delicious quality Mexican food. With my experience, passion, and support of the community and others, I will make sure my customers have a great experience. In addition to being an entrepreneur, I will provide the community with jobs and share my knowledge for those who seek it. I learned that there are two kinds of people in the business world. The spectators and the people who make it happen, and I wish to be the latter.

Better yet, see us in person! Come and try a sample of our products.

You can find us every Saturday at the Farmers and Makers Market at cSPACE King Edward (1721 29 Ave SW, Calgary, AB)

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